Mandatory requirements

Reporting, training and supervision

Feedback and reporting:

GP supervisors are required to provide formal feedback three times per term in the form of an online questionnaire which is completed for each registrar under their supervision at these intervals:

  • 6 weeks into term to determine how the GP registrar is settling into the training post.
  • 13 weeks, half way through the term, to determine how the placement and training is progressing.
  • 20 weeks, 6 weeks before the end of term, to determine GP registrar ongoing progress and suitability to move onto the next training term.

The questionnaire is emailed to the GP supervisor with a prompt about completion deadlines from the supervisor and practice accreditation coordinator.

This feedback is reviewed in detail by the NTGPE GP registrar monitoring committee, who will intervene to help if necessary.

In addition to regular feedback, NTGPE strongly encourages GP supervisors to contact NTGPE if there are concerns about a GP registrar.

You can contact the GP registrar program managers (to discuss and/or request contact from a medical educator). You may also use the NTGPE Concerned Supervisor Feedback Tool.

Training requirements:

To maintain accreditation GP supervisors are required to attend at least one NTGPE professional development workshop every two years. Click here to access dates and locations of upcoming professional developments workshops.

GP supervisors are funded to attend two workshops per calendar year. You will be notified by the supervisor and practice accreditation team when you are nearing your requirement to attend the minimum of one workshop per two year period.

Available training sessions will be advertised on the NTGPE website, myGPcommunity, fortnightly Information Bulletin and email. Please RSVP two weeks prior to the event if you would like to attend.

Practice based teaching:

NTGPE provides regular updates about training requirements and opportunities through Information Bulletin (fortnightly newsletter) and at supervisor training sessions. This includes tools such as the GP registrar supervisor overview.

It is important to stay abreast of training and teaching requirements. Within your training post develop a plan of how to deliver the practice based teaching and facilitate release time for NTGPE education for GP registrars.

NTGPE will regularly audit training post logs to check this is being delivered and recorded as per the training post agreement.