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There are two prestigious awards offered each year by NTGPE.

Training Post of the Year Award:


This is the newest award at NTGPE and was designed to acknowledge the crucial role supervisors, practice managers and training post staff play in GP registrar training. In place of a Supervisor of the Year award, the Training Post of the Year Award aims to celebrate the whole of practice support received by GP registrars.


This award is an opportunity for registrars to nominate an outstanding training post e.g. mainstream post, remote post, hospital based post (ESP AST ARST). Any GP registrar in the program is able to nominate at any stage in their training.


The award recipient should be willing to do the following:

1. Attend the NTGPE Awards Night in Darwin in November to accept the award
2. Be willing to be involved in marketing strategies that promote the Training Post of the Year award and the NTGPE training program more generally.

How to apply:

To nominate, complete a nomintation form and describe in 300 words why the training post has been outstanding in these areas:

1. Supervisor availability
2. Teaching delivered within the training post
3. Overall GP registrar support
4. Commitment to GP registrar training

Applications now closed.

Dr Debbie Stach GP Registrar of the Year award:


Dr Stach had just completed her training as a GP registrar with NTGPE when she died tragically in a motor vehicle accident in 2004.

Deb’s greatest gift was her sense of humanity. Her peaceful manner and her perceptive insight into the world around her, allowed her to connect with and understand people of many different backgrounds. This quality, combined with her desire to live life well, made her a great doctor and a wonderful healer.

Deb’s approach to medicine reflected her approach to life. She valued holistic management, recognising the importance of the interaction between patient and healer. She was open to differing belief systems and when she died, she was heading back to Melbourne to do some study in alternative medicine. She was genuine in her dealings with her patients, demonstrating extraordinary empathy for those in distress, easing their burdens yet maintaining her joy and optimism for life."


This $10,000 award is GP supervisor, GP registrar or colleague nominated and historically given to a person who has an outstanding approach to medicine and a commitment to Indigenous health in the NT.

It is awarded annually to a standout GP registrar who has a commitment to working in the Northern Territory after they have finished their training with NTGPE.

The recipient needs to have demonstrated a commitment to leadership and innovation in general practice, particularly Indigenous health.

Previous winners of the award:

2017 Dr Jyothi Vardhi
2016 Dr Andrew Webster
2015 Dr Dan Wilson
2014 Dr Sophie Lines
2013 Dr Jacqueline Boyd
2012 Dr Stratos Roussos

Requirements of the person nominated:

1. Be currently enrolled in the NTGPE training program.
2. Attend the NTGPE Awards Night in Darwin in November to accept the award.
3. Write a letter to the family of Dr Debbie Stach introducing themselves and their plans post training with NTGPE as well as their sentiments about being a winner of the award.
4.. Be willing to be involved in marketing strategies that promote the Dr Debbie Stach GP Registrar of the Year award and the NTGPE training program more generally.

How to apply:

This award is worth $10,000

To nominate, complete a nomination form and write 500-word minimum detailed description of the GP registrar they want to nominate including why the GP registrar is a good candidate of the Dr Debbie Stach GP Registrar of the Year award.

A nominator can be:

GP registrar
GP supervisor

Applications now closed.


There are two generously funded scholarships offered each year by NTGPE.

Dr Alan Walker Paediatric Scholarship:

Dr John Floridis
2017 winner

“I’m using these funds for an Advanced Paediatric Life Support course. While I will increase my knowledge and skills, for me it’s all about paying it forward, so I can share that knowledge with people working in remote clinics, and work towards becoming an APLS instructor in the future”.


Professor Alan Walker was regarded as a ‘Champion of Medicine’ in the field of paediatric medicine in the Northern Territory. For forty years Professor Walker remained committed to those living outside the major centres of the NT and was renowned for training medical practitioners and allied health in improving the health of babies and children.

Professor Walker was the head of paediatrics at the Royal Darwin Hospital from 1967 to 1996 and contributed significantly to the establishment of NTGPE in 2002 as the company’s first Chairperson of the Board.

Awarded to proposals for professional development in paediatrics.

This is a self-nominated scholarship. 

Examples of past recipients use of the money:

  • Advanced Paediatric Life Support course

  • Purchase a Vorotek V Scope

  • Diploma in Child Health

  • Rural Emergency Obstetric Training

  • Support Advanced Skill Training

Applications now closed.

Ada Wilmadda Parry Aboriginal Health Scholarship

Dr Prashanti Manchkanti

Winner 2017

I would recommend any registrar to apply as it is a great opportunity to learn more about other aspects of Aboriginal community life by understanding other non-clinical projects that may already exist within communities or to support small-scale programs that communities and AMSs wish to develop to work towards locally-identified health goals.


Ada Wilmadda Parry was one of the first Cultural Educators at NTGPE. Ada advocates the importance of cultural training for general practitioners who work in the Northern Territory.

Ada is motivated to ensure Indigenous families don’t have to struggle to be understood culturally and linguistically by medical practitioners.

Scholarship details:

Awarded to a project that focus on improving cultural and linguistic understanding between Indigenous patients and general practitioners to create positive health change.

Self-nominated scholarship. Group and individual applicants can apply.

Worth $10,000.

Examples of past recipients use of the money:

  • Project to improve diabetes control throughout the homelands.
  • Preparing cardiac patients for interstate surgery.
  • A palliative care project that returned patients to country to die.
  • Horse ride that focussed on healthcare being a holistic rather than in the confines of a clinic setting.

Applications now closed