Placement process and placement types


As part of the transition to college-led training in February 2023, RTOs (NTGPE) will manage the placement process for 2023 placements for both current and new GP registrars. The process for choosing, applying for, and being offered placements can be complex. It's in your best interest to understand the process and the different types of placements offered by training posts

Placement process

Put simply, the placement process is the process for GP registrars to choose, apply for and work in training posts. There are different players in the process, it can be complicated and at times stressful. So the more you understand about the entire process the better it will be for you.

Where to learn about placements

PlacemeNT is the NTGPE website that shows you all placements available in the NT. It's advisable to track your placements through GP Tracks to make sure you’re applying for placements that meet your training requirements.  

How to apply for placements

Placements can only occur during a placement period. While placements are visible on placemeNT website all year round, they can and do change as circumstances in training posts change. Every effort is made so that the placement details do not change during the placement period. One of the most important tools is the placement process key dates document which details all the required steps during placement period.


Exemptions to the training requirements are given in extenuating circumstances. To find out if your circumstances qualify for an exemption, email us.


The placement process can be complicated. There is a lot of support available to you however.

The GP registrar support team is a group of six people, two of them program managers, who understand the placement process in detail. You will undoubtedly have come across most if not all of the GP registrar support team by now. They are best contacted via email

There is a FAQ section on the placemeNT website that explains the application process and strives to answer any questions you have. If your questions aren’t answered, email us.

Pastoral care is an important ‘wellbeing’ service provided by NTGPE to all GP registrars throughout the course of their training and provides ongoing support, referral and advice relating to personal, workplace and training issues.

Types of placements

Please refer to the placemeNT website for requirements for 2023 placements.