Terms and conditions

National terms and conditions for the employment of GP registrars


All training posts must adhere to the national terms and conditions for the employment of registrars (NTCER).

Training posts are obligated to release GP registrars to attend:
  • NTGPE orientation
  • GP registrar workshops
  • Small group learning (weekly or fortnightly depending on the training term)
  • At least one training advice (TA) meeting each term.

GP supervisors are required to provide weekly in-practice teaching to GP registrars and keep a log of the teaching that occurs. It is mandatory for GP supervisors to complete the GP registrar feedback surveys at week 6, week 12 and week 20.

Training posts are obligated to release GP supervisors to attend NTGPE professional development workshops. The minimum requirement is one workshop per two year period for each GP supervisor.

GP registrar supervisor overview

national terms & conditions gp registrar employment (NTCER)