19 March 2019

Six reasons to train as a GP in the NT


When you made the decision to study medicine and become a doctor all those years ago, did you daydream of helping those in need, while having amazing adventures and life-changing career opportunities? If you answered yes to any of that, then GP training in the NT is where you need to be.

You will absolutely have opportunities to help some of our most vulnerable Australians while working with diseases that most GPs will not see in their lifetime. You can expect to finish up as a skilled, confident and flexible GP who can work anywhere in the world. Here are six reasons why GP training in the NT is something you need to think seriously about doing.

  1. Be a better, more confident doctor

The jobs available through your training with NTGPE are jobs that you will not get anywhere else in Australia. There will be opportunities to work remotely and learn about treating diseases most GPs will not see in their medical careers—let alone every day.

The medical facilities in the NT are different to what is available elsewhere in Australia, and the medical community is skilled at working around these challenges. While this might sound daunting from the outside looking in, learning in this environment will make you a better doctor who has the confidence to trust your own skills and the skills of the medical teams around you.

  1. High exam pass rates

Registrars who train in the NT have consistently higher-than-average exam results for both colleges. In fact, our GP registrars secured an 100 percent pass rate in RACGP OSCE exam in 2018. NTGPE firmly believes this is because of the challenging and varied jobs that our registrars fill.

  1. Find and follow your idols

Sift back through your memory bank and locate a time you watched a doctor in action who was confident, apparently unflappable and highly skilled. How did you feel watching them? Pretty inspired, we reckon. In the NT you will come across lots of these doctors—you’ll probably train under them or work next to them—and you’ll have the chance to tap into their vast knowledge and experience base. Who knows, by the end of your training, given the varied training experiences on offer, you too might be someone’s idol.

  1. Tailored support for your journey

Supervisors and medical educators are your lifeline throughout your training. These are highly skilled and experienced GPs who are passionate about supporting future GPs. Be prepared to meet some inspiring doctors who will show you just how amazing general practice can be.

In each new training placement, you will be allocated a supervisor or a group of supervisors, and a model of supervision. These are on-the-ground, available teachers who will guide, support and inspire you throughout your training.

  1. Small training environment gives big advantages

Come equipped with a plan about what sort of doctor you want to become and NTGPE will help you achieve just that. Being the smallest RTO in Australia comes with big advantages: the team can provide a more personalised program that helps create opportunities to help you tailor your learning and shape your career. Have the courage to dream and we’ll do our best to help get you there.

  1. Appeal to your sense of adventure

The NT is huge and has a tiny population of just 245,000 people. For the outdoor adventurer, that is a recipe for seriously good times. Just picture hundreds of thousands of kilometres of pristine coastline, tropical bushland and stunning desert to be explored (you’ll often have these seemingly untouched landscapes all to yourself).

Camping, fishing, bushwalking, mountain bike riding and four-wheel driving are common past times of Territorians who have a love affair with being outside. Being a close-knit community, the NT has lots of clubs and groups to help newcomers get connected and find likeminded adventurers, so you’ll be part of the social fabric in no time.