05 June 2017

Dr Phyo Thander explains how it feels to fellow.


My journey started when I migrated to Australia in 2010 and worked as RMO for four years in different hospital rotations and started GP training under NTGPE in 2014.

Why general practice?

I enjoy the holistic continued care of GP practice and want to build the long-term therapeutic relationship with patients and their family. I have interest in different medical fields including chronic disease, child, women, sexual health and dermatology and skin cancer too.

I also enjoy covering all aspects of the wellbeing of a patient, continued care, daily learning opportunity, flexible working hours, and the team work environment.

Where next?

Currently, I am practising in Charles Darwin University Clinic and Palmerston Super Clinic with FCD Health, planning to do skin clinic and chronic disease clinic in future. I have also plan to work with NTGPE as a GP supervisor and medical educator for academic training.

And in five years’ time?

I want to be a competent general practitioner and clinical supervisor/medical educator. I also want to practise in Indigenous health.

The most rewarding part of your job?

Job satisfaction and patient acknowledgement of my role and value as GP in our community.

What words of wisdom for GPR starting out?

Respect every patient. Listen to their need and address them with empathy. Look for any learning opportunities from different resources, plan well for exams, set up learning plans, and get family support. Try to get the experiences from the remote community placements and learn emergency rural GP skills which are rewarding to our GP career.

Dr Phyo Thander
Fellowed GP registrar Dr Phyo Thandar