Peter Thomsen


Peter Thomsen

Peter Thomsen

Director of Cultural Education
Peter has worked with Menzies in a similar position and has held various jobs in different industries across the territory.

Peter's Aboriginality comes from the Butchella tribe from Fraser Island in Qld and through his father’s adoption and initiation process into the Gunibidji tribe in Maningrida. Peter grew up on the floodplains of the Adelaide River in the NT and has connections to Kakadu region in the NT, and also Wyndham in WA. He started with NTGPE as the Manager of Cultural Education in 2020, but his journey in cultural education started on the day he was born. He practices both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal cultures and lives in both worlds making him a perfect candidate to lead the cultural education team at NTGPE.

Peter has a long history of working in the health education sector and worked as a cultural educator in the early 2000s, and with the Menzies School of Health Research. He comes from a background in media and is interested in the power of multimedia to improve communication and close the gap in health inequities between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in the NT.

Peter believes the primary goal of the cultural education team is to teach GPs how to challenge their preconceived ideas about working with Aboriginal patients and to help them to approach things differently.

Cultural education

  • Cultural awareness training
  • GP training and support
  • Management of the cultural education team