04 October 2022

Introducing BEYOND


With the transition to college-led training for GPs moving ever closer, NTGPE took the opportunity at our Annual Awards ceremony last week to talk to guests about NTGPE’s change management approach for supporting our transition, which we have named BEYOND.

NTGPE CEO Dr Richard Zanner and People and Transformation Director Renee Alexander both spoke about BEYOND, and the importance of engaging with our staff and stakeholders during this time, which will determine the Transition narrative for the NT.

"NTGPE has evolved a tremendous track record over the past two decades, supporting hundreds of GP registrars on their pathway to fellowship and facilitating health care in Aboriginal communities for some of the most vulnerable people in Australia," said Dr Zanner.

"When an organisation lives for 20 years in such a unique setting, there is a wealth of knowledge, acquired through many lessons. The things that worked and those that did not. As part of this transition, we hope to preserve much of that knowledge.

"The opportunity to reflect and reframe is the basis for our change program, appropriately called BEYOND, as we look towards the next chapter."

Renee talked about optimism for what sits BEYOND the horizon.

"In the same way our Fellows here tonight have invested several years of energy to your incredible achievements through the AGPT program, NTGPE have invested 20 years of energy into delivering the program and cultivating the relationships that underpin it," she said.

"And, in the same that way that our Fellows are stepping over a career threshold, and focusing their energy differently, the energy NTGPE has invested will endure beyond our departure through the community we’ve built and the interconnectedness we’ve facilitated.

"This realisation gave rise to the concept of BEYOND, which is our change management program taking us through the journey of transition not only for our key external stakeholders, but also our staff."

"The BEYOND program is about channelling energy as we pass the baton and custodianship of the AGPT program to RACGP and ACRRM. It’s also about making sure our legacy is continued through community of practice – especially as we transition BEYOND the AGPT program."

Each letter of BEYOND stands for something equally as important as the next:

  • The letter ‘B’ represents belonging and asks us to consider where we belong now, and where we will belong as part of change. For our Fellows, you belong to an alumni of NTGPE registrars and as the last NTGPE graduating cohort we are hoping you carefully consider where you fit as the landscape evolves?
  • ‘E’ challenges us to evaluate our options and take stock of where GP training is, and how we align within it. Evaluate where could our energy be best spent in future?
  • ‘Y’ asks us about ‘yourself’ – what are your aspirations as you step over the next threshold? What is your role in the transition of knowledge?
  • ‘O’ signifies opportunity – how do we prepare ourselves to recognise opportunities, be bold enough to grab them, or create your own opportunities in times of change.
  • ‘N’ asks us to consider how we will embrace new ways of working as things shift around us. What new approaches do we need to take?
  • And finally ‘D’ considers departure – yes, one of the hallmarks of change is that something ends as something else begins – the trick really is to celebrate our growth and ensure a successful departure.

BEYOND takes a holistic view in supporting our staff, registrars, supervisors and training posts as we move through the transition and the challenges we need to overcome to ensure a successful transition.

"For NTGPE, and GPs more broadly, there is more change, unprecedented change, in the GP training landscape ahead," said Renee.

"And we all need to look BEYOND.
"BEYOND for our staff, our registrars, our supervisors, our training posts and our communities.
"BEYOND our regular GP training deliverables and how we can work towards a successful transition.
"And BEYOND to ensure GP training in the NT is as strong as ever into the future and for the ultimate benefit of all Territorians."