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About CommDoc

CommDoc is a language tool developed for GP Registrars and other health professionals working in communities across the Northern Territory, to culturally enhance interactions with Aboriginal patients.

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Language translations

CommDoc provides audio translations of common terms in medical consultation in different Aboriginal languages spoken in the Northern Territory. See the full list of languages in the information section below.

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Easy to navigate

Terms and phrases are categorised into four major sections: Common terms, History, Examination and Body parts.






Which languages are included in CommDoc?
  • Alyawarr
  • Anindilyakwa
  • Burarra
  • Eastside Kriol
  • EC Arrernte
  • Gurindji
  • Kunwinjku
  • Modern Tiwi
  • Murrinh Patha
  • Pintupi Luritja
  • Pitjantjatjara
  • Warlpiri
  • Warumungu
  • Western Arranta
  • Westside Kriol
  • Yolngu Matha
Do I have to be a health professional to use CommDoc?
Anyone can use CommDoc. The words and phrases in the Common terms section such as 'hello', 'good' etc. are useful in everyday conversations, however the other sections of the app contain more specific terms used in health consultations.
How much does it cost to download and use?
CommDoc is free to download and there are no subscription or other costs involved in using the app.
Do I have to have an Internet connection to use CommDoc?
CommDoc is available as a mobile application for iOS and Android phones and tablets. You need an Internet connection to download the application but once the application is on your mobile device you don't need an Internet connection to use it. CommDoc is also available as a web resource. Using the web resource requires an active Internet connection.
The language I am after is not there. Can I add it?
Yes! Please send an email to marketing@ntgpe.org if you would like to collaborate on adding an Indigenous language to CommDoc. We acknowledge that there are several dialects used in various languages within the NT, therefore some sounds may not appear to be accurate to particular listeners. We welcome any input, feedback or assistance with the accuracy of the translations, so please contact us if you can assist in this process.
I think some of the translations are not correct.
Please let us know by sending an email to marketing@ntgpe.org. We welcome feedback of any kind and acknowledge that some sounds may not appear to be accurate to particular listeners (due to differences in dialect). Please contact us if you have any feedback or can assist with the accuracy of the translations.
Why haven’t all the words and phrases been written as text?
We are working towards providing text as well as audio translation for each of the words and phrases. Please contact us if you would like to help us add these text translations.
I can't hear any audio.
Make sure your sound is not muted and you don't have headphones plugged in.

WEB VERSION: If you are using the web version of CommDoc try using a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

PHONE OR TABLET: Click one of the red audio buttons on the app - does the audio button turn white after a while or does it stay red?
  • If the audio button stays RED: this indicates a problem with the app.
    • Close the app: to close the app on an iPhone, double-tap the home button to access each app that is running, and then slide the CommDoc app icon upwards.
    • Re-open the app: tap the CommDoc icon on your phone's home screen.
    • If you are still having issues please email marketing@ntgpe.org with details of the problem and information about your device (e.g. iPhone 5 running iOS 8.2).

  • If the audio button goes back to WHITE: this indicates a problem with your device. Is the sound working on other apps? If there is no sound coming from your other apps:
What kind of phone or computer do I need to use CommDoc?
The app is available for iPhone (iOS 7 or above) and Android (Android 4 or above). The web version of CommDoc will work on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer (version 9 or above).

Contact Information

CommDoc has been developed by Northern Territory General Practice Education (NTGPE) in consultation with clinics, communities, doctors, cultural educators, interpretive services and eLearn Australia.

Please get in touch with us by emailing marketing@ntgpe.org


Community Consultation Language App

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