The GP supervisor role

Sharing knowledge and expertise


General practice supervisors are essential to the success of the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program.

GP supervisors teach, inspire and support the next generation of GPs through their training by providing one-on-one teaching, supervision, support, feedback and advice. Regular face-to-face educational activities and in-practice education from the GP supervisor to the GP registrar occurs through the GP registrar training. GP registrar training cannot exist without dedicated and skilled GP supervisors.

Supervising GP registrars is a two-way learning process where the teacher and student can learn in equal measure. GP supervision can benefit your own lifelong learning and professional development, and give you fresh ideas and new perspectives.

Benefits of becoming a GP supervisor:
  • Meeting other supervisors, medical educators and others involved in education.
  • Finding out about other practices and how they teach, learn and navigate common management problems.
  • Ongoing educational opportunities in clinical skills and teaching through supervisor meetings, conferences, educational meetings, online learning and other resources.
  • Finding like-minded and well-trained young doctors to join your practice.
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise, observing your registrars gaining skills and confidence, knowing you are participating in strengthening general practice and rediscovering the joys of general practice.
GP supervisors categories:
Primary supervisors

Experienced supervisors, often the lead supervisor in a training post.

Secondary supervisors

May be a recently fellowed GP, or with less experience than a primary GP supervisor. They provide on-the-ground supervision and education to GP registrars. They are usually additional supervisors in a training post and can be mentored in their role by the primary supervisors.